Health Initiative

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Below are the links and info for Health Initiative’s Health Corner’s Daily Dose

Step 1
 Ready, Set, Go – 30 Day Plank Challenge (see Plank Challenge Chart Below)
These exercises strengthen your core – why is this important? It’s Simple; A Strong Core creates a Strong Body!
Read these links and

Step 2
Today’s Motivation for sticking with the Plank Challenge…The average women’s waistline has increased 1.5 inches from 2000 to 2012 which has been linked to Type 2 diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Coronary Artery Disease. Try to keep yours at 35 inches or less (Women’s Health Magazine – Jan/Feb 2015)
Step 3
Off the fast and got a taste for junk food? Try these Dynamic Duos 9 baby carrots + 8 cheese curls, 1 fruit cup + 1 chocolate chip cookie, 1 side salad and 8 fries or 1 side of steamed veggies + ½ cup of mac & cheese (Women’s Health Magazine – Jan/Feb 2015)
Step 4
You found a gym buddy or workout partner yet? All studies show it keeps you motivated!
Step 5

Day 5 of the Plank Challenge…Go YOU!!!
Step 6
It’s Friday night.. try these Fun Family recipes
(Psst I wish I knew about the Oat Cookies during the fast) or if you want to raid the buffet remember small plates and lots of water.
Last but not least:
The Men of JJPWCC we didn’t forget about you. Here are some workouts the next time it snows -